Unifying The Cycling Experience

At Velo, we are building a mobile bike computer that unifies a cyclist's dashboard, navigation and cycling sensors.

We have conducted over sixty customer discovery sessions and we've identified three areas that cyclists really care about.


Our dashboard is designed to show telemetry data you care about. We'll present you with real-time data about first-party and third-party sensors, while providing an 8+ hour HUD that will be active through your whole ride. Our dashboard also incorporates media playback and mapping depending on your layout.


One of the biggest gaps in mobile cycling is the lack of a comprehensive navigation solution. There are two main challenges in cycling navigation: Commuter routing and loop routing. For commuter routing, the challenges are around what the cyclist wants to optimize for among shortest distance, least amount of hills (where this matters), or safest route (bike lanes and surface roads). For loop routing, the challenge is around helping cyclists discover new and engaging routes they've never tried before that are also inline with their skill level.


For advanced cyclists, accurate data collection is a requirement. Advanced cyclists rely on sensors such as speed, cadence, heart rate, power meters, and shifter to understand their performance. With Velo, you'll be able to pair your sensors directly to the app, giving you the ability to forego a bike computer altogether.

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